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We offer free in-home consultations.
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Can I Choose My Own Doctor?

Have you been injured on the job in Minnesota? You likely have many questions on your mind, including: Can I choose my own doctor?

Under Minnesota workers’ compensation laws, injured employees do have the right to choose treating medical providers. You are not required to treat at the employer’s clinic.

If your employer has tried to steer you into treating with a doctor or other medical professional you are not comfortable with, you have a choice in the matter. Talk to workers’ compensation attorney Michael Schultz to learn about your rights and to obtain strong representation from a lawyer who has your best interests at heart.

Can I Change Doctors?

If you have started treating with a doctor, you have 60 days to switch providers without requiring authorization. If 60 days have passed, you may still change doctors, but you must have a good reason. Valid reasons for changing doctors include, but are not limited to, lack of faith in the doctor’s skills, lack of improvement in your condition and communication breakdowns between you and your doctor.

Choosing The Right Doctor

It’s a daunting task to choose a doctor, but you don’t have to face this decision alone. Our law firm has handled thousands of workers’ compensation claims and can put you in touch with caring and competent doctors and medical specialists appropriate for your injury who will always have your best interests in mind. We are familiar with medical providers in all branches of medicine and a broad range of specialties.

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