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How do brain injuries affect your ability to return to work?

If you suffered a workplace injury that involved head trauma in Minnesota, you might be unable to return to the same occupation. If there was no penetration of your skull, the changes might not be noticeable for others, but they might significantly impact your ability to return to work. Cognitive difficulties often result from traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Even though you may not have any putward physical damage, your ability to remember, concentrate and acquire knowledge could be impaired. The type and severity of the impairments will depend on the area of the damaged brain cells. In some cases, brain damage affects overall intelligence.

What steps are required to file for workers’ compensation?

If you have developed an occupational disease or sustained a work-related injury, you may qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

There are several steps in the process of filing a claim including preparation for filing an appeal, should that become necessary.

Do not ignore these 4 early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

While common in office workers, carpal tunnel syndrome can strike employees in any industry. You may develop the condition when there is too much pressure on the median nerve that runs from the forearm through the wrist and into the hands. Work-related carpal tunnel syndrome can take a toll on anyone’s quality of life.

Fortunately, doctors have a variety of ways to treat the condition. As with many other maladies, early detection is critical for a good prognosis. By catching the condition quickly after it develops, you boost your odds of both recovering completely and returning to your job duties. Therefore, you should not ignore these common early warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

A repetitive motion injury is common among assembly workers

Perhaps you are a medical device assembler and have worked at a company near Minneapolis for the past three years. You had a perfect record of attendance until recently.

You have missed a few days of work due to pain in your wrist, and the discomfort is only getting worse. What should you do about this?

Are you at risk for an asbestos-related disease?

While, nowadays, just about every employer in America recognizes the risks associated with asbestos exposure, this was not always the case. Until the 1980s, asbestos was common in a wide range of construction, shipbuilding and related industries. It was also frequently a strengthening component used in roofing, fireproofing and insulation, among other products and efforts.

When you undergo prolonged exposure to asbestos because of the way you make your living, you run the risk of developing a serious, even potentially deadly, asbestos-related illness.

5 common barista injuries

As a barista, you are at the forefront of the booming cafe industry. You face a lot of pressure and high demands to create quality beverages in a fast-paced environment. As you work in a busy and small environment, you may suffer workplace injuries

You may not think that working in a coffee shop is dangerous, but it can be. Take a look at some common hazards facing baristas.

Who bears responsibility for your work-related injury?

Like most of your neighbors in Minnesota, you pride yourself on your work ethic. After all, you bring dedication and skill with you to the job site every day. Of course, if you sustain an injury at work, you may not be able to provide for yourself and your family. Even worse, you could have a long-term disability that prevents you from ever working again. 

With most work-related injuries, filing a workers’ compensation claim is the best course of action. That is, the system usually provides compensation without requiring individuals to prove fault. In some cases, though, someone other than an employer or worker bears responsibility for injuries. In these situations, filing a third-party suit may be an effective strategy for ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. 

Minnesota workers' compensation claims dropping

Sustaining an injury on the job happens, and when it does, filing a workers' compensation claim may seem downright scary. While it may seem as if people are suffering workplace injuries more and more, the opposite is actually true. The rate of claims filed in Minnesota is dropping year over year.

In a study commissioned by the Department of Labor and Industry, the downward trend in payouts indicates that fewer workers are getting hurt. The data demonstrate a 54 percent drop since 1996. What is behind this decrease?

What to talk to your doctor about after a car accident

While a majority of car accidents result in minor injuries, there are plenty that result in fatalities. Minnesota experienced a drop in car-accident-related fatalities when 392 people lost their lives in 2016, in contrast with 411 in 2015, according to the Office of Traffic Safety

If you find yourself with injuries following a car crash, then you need to see a doctor immediately, preferably within 24 hours of the incident. There are some instances where a person does not feel any pain right after a collision, but there are plenty of health conditions that have hidden symptoms. Play it safe and see a doctor. When you are at the office, here are some topics to broach. 

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