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Back problems can lead to workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Many Minnesota workers who have physically demanding jobs suffer back pain. Various conditions can develop with varying symptoms, including sharp, stabbing pains or dull aches. If you develop a back problem due to repetitive movements caused by your work, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Common reasons for back pain on the job

Several common factors can contribute to back pain on the job that could be eligible for workers’ compensation. These are force, repetition and inactivity. Actions like lifting heavy objects or moving them can exert too much force on your back. When you perform these movements repeatedly, the problem compounds. Other repetitive motions, like twisting or moving your spine into awkward positions, can cause injuries. If you have a desk job, sitting in one place too long without a supportive chair can cause different types of injuries. Aging, obesity and poor physical condition can contribute to back problems.

Preventing work-related back problems

Making several changes during your work day can help prevent or ease conditions leading to back pain. Consider doing the following while working:

  • Pay attention to posture – When standing, balance your weight on both feet, avoid slouching, and don’t place anything in your back pocket when sitting.
  • Lift properly – Bend your knees and pull in abdominal muscles.
  • Modify repetitive tasks – Use aids to lift heavy objects and ensure proper position for your computer keyboard.
  • Listen to your body – Change positions often.

File your workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible

Notify your employer as soon as your doctor has diagnosed you with a work-related back injury. You should file your workers’ compensation claim within 30 days after the diagnosis.

Insurance companies often try to blame your back injury on other causes. Make sure you keep all medical records and diagnoses to prove your claim.