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Do not ignore these 4 early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

While common in office workers, carpal tunnel syndrome can strike employees in any industry. You may develop the condition when there is too much pressure on the median nerve that runs from the forearm through the wrist and into the hands. Work-related carpal tunnel syndrome can take a toll on anyone’s quality of life.

Fortunately, doctors have a variety of ways to treat the condition. As with many other maladies, early detection is critical for a good prognosis. By catching the condition quickly after it develops, you boost your odds of both recovering completely and returning to your job duties. Therefore, you should not ignore these common early warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

1. Tingling

For many, tingling and numbness are the first signs there may be a problem with the nerves in the hands or wrists. Your tingling sensation may appear when you are performing repetitive motions or when you are doing nothing at all. Over time, though, your numbness may become increasingly prevalent.

2. Sharp pain

Those with advanced carpal tunnel syndrome often report feeling general aches. Nonetheless, if you are in the process of developing the condition, you may experience intermittent spurts of sharp pain. While acute pain may subside quickly, it may also indicate the start of a serious medical impairment.

3. Loss of motion

You should be able to rotate your wrists freely, wiggle your fingers and flex your forearms. If you have problems performing any of these ordinary movements, however, your median nerve may be under pressure. Carefully monitoring your movement abilities is a good way to determine if your loss of motion is worsening.

4. Muscular weakness

Having a good grip is essential for doing your job, participating in recreational activities and performing household tasks. Regrettably, carpal tunnel syndrome often destroys muscular strength. Accordingly, if you notice your hands do not feel as strong as they once did, carpal tunnel syndrome may be to blame.

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