Neck And Back Injuries Are Common At Work

Neck and back injuries can occur on the job because of a specific event such as a car accident or a fall, or they can develop over time due to repetitive stress. Regardless of how your injury occurred, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

At Michael Schultz Law Firm in Minneapolis, we provide aggressive and thorough representation to injured workers throughout Minnesota. Attorney Michael Schultz has more than 25 years of experience handling complex workers' compensation claims. As your legal advocates, we will help you obtain all of the workers' compensation benefits that you are entitled to receive, including compensation for your lost wages and permanent partial disability, as well as vocational retraining and medical benefits.

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Skilled Counsel For Injured Workers From All Walks Of Life

Neck and back injuries such as herniated disks and low back injuries can be excruciatingly painful and debilitating, often leading to pain in other areas of the body and numbness in the hands and feet. Our firm represents people from all walks of life who have experienced these types of injuries, including migrant workers, blue collar workers and professional athletes.

If you have suffered a neck or back injury at work, it is important to let your employer know as soon as possible. Though you have 180 days to report the injury, you should let your employer know within 30 days to avoid adverse consequences.

Even if your back injury was part of a pre-existing condition, but it was further aggravated by your job duties, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Michael Schultz is familiar with all of the nuances of Minnesota's workers' compensation system, and he will work hard to get you the benefits you deserve.

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